Seattle Line Communications (SLC) began operations in 1992. The Cascade Athletic Clubs had discovered they were being ravaged by long distance charges for calls between their various sites, and asked if SLC could solve their problem. The solution was a Private Telephone Network connecting their offices throughout Snohomish, King and Pierce counties. Poof—away went the long distance charges, thus saving the Cascade Athletic Clubs a ton of money. Every month.

A lot of the members of the Cascade Athletic Clubs were businessmen in other ventures. Aware of the potential savings involved, many of them approached SLC individually to see what could be done for their businesses. Things really began to heat up when the managers of KIRO Radio News Fax called with a plea for help with their telecommunications dilemma.

KIRO Radio had authorized some entrepreneurs to launch the KIRO Radio News Fax service (now known as Seattle News Fax) and they were struggling to expand their fax distribution to businesses in the adjoining counties without incurring long distance charges. Once again the solution was a modified Private Telephone Network. KIRO's Radio News Fax's projected monthly savings were estimated at almost $50,000.

About that time—1996—a lot of the original clients (those that had been saving long distance charges) began to ask SLC for assistance with their regular telephone line requirements. They were perplexed by their telephone bills, did not understand what they were paying for, and asked if SLC would be able to help them out. As a result SLC sought, and obtained, Agent Sales Agreements with many of the major Telcos to act as their authorized representative.

Armed with those agreements SLC was then able to satisfy their clients' entire telecommunications need: dial tone, long distance, broadband, and everything in between. And so it has gone ever since . . . more clients, requiring more services, stretching across ever-larger chunks of territory.

Seattle Line Communications now services the North American market with virtually every telecommunication product available. Nonetheless, our roots are in the Puget Sound, and we are quite comfortable focusing our efforts on clients in this region.





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