Auditing & Consulting
Most of our customers originally came to use because they needed help making sense of all the telephone billing statements they were getting. They had a nagging suspicion that, somehow, savings could be extracted from those pages of detail. And they were right. Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • You receive monthly telecommunication invoices from three or more carriers.
  • You switched carriers for services, but still receive bills from the original carrier.
  • Your long distance charges seem bigger than what you were promised.
  • There are mysterious feature charges on your monthly invoices.
  • You split your data and voice services between two carriers.
  • The Taxes & Fees on the bills make no sense, despite the written explanations.

If your company suffers from any of these ailments, then you should get an outside opinion to review your situation—especially since it is free. We will audit your telecommunication bills, inquire about your company's particular requirements, and then prepare a Summary showing how you can and will save money. We only get paid when you save money.

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