Long Distance Plans
There are almost 100 Long Distance Carriers in the State of Washington. So the question becomes: Where does your carrier rank on that list—near the top, or near the bottom? Does price matter? What about coverage area? Hidden charges? Do you understand the words Inter-Lata and Intra-Lata and Inter-State?

Regardless of how it is presented, carriers always manage to extract heavier charges that originally promised. You were told 5 per minute, but the final bill calculates out to 9 per minute. How does that happen? Answer: They know all the tricks of the game, and you don't.

Seattle Line Communications does not charge on a "per minute" basis. Instead, we analyze your current usage, calculate a monthly average, and then subtract a flat 25% to arrive at a new, fixed amount. For example, if your current long distance usage costs about $1,000 per month, then the Seattle Line Communications bill would be about $750.

And that $750 charge remains constant from month to month. Make as many long distance calls as you want, up to double your previous monthly average, and the charge stays the same. Better yet, the invoice will be on a single page. You will not have to wade through pages of Call Detail looking for "mistakes" or "mysterious entries." Best of all (and our clients love this one) we will allow that fixed, monthly charge to pass through a credit card so you can scoop up all the free air mileage points.

Imagine getting the lowest prices in the market, a fixed charge, simple billing, unlimited call capability, and free mileage points for a flight to, oh say, Paris and back every year?



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