We have been doing business with Seattle Line Communications for 6 years. I am confident that if they propose a plan, that it is definitely in my best interest. The staff at SLC is extremely knowledgeable and with the telecommunications market the way it is today, you really have to be on your toes. SLC got us a $15,000 refund and reduced our monthly bill from $3,000 down to $1,500 in less than two months through savings on phone rates and our T-1 line. That's a 50% savings! Their value is highly recommended!
Bill Yee, CFO
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Anthony’s Homeport

Seattle Line Communications is a true champion. We were having challenges with Qwest. SLC made the process easy. They dealt directly with Qwest to solve the problems we were having. Their service staff made the transition smooth and they really walked us through the procedures. They follow up to insure that the system is in good working order and that makes it easier for us to do business. Additionally, we are thrilled with the significant savings we now enjoy!
Mike Shelley, Accountant
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Seattle News Fax

The Seattle News Fax needs the highest level of reliability in our telecom facilities, because we depend on our phone lines to deliver our newspaper every business day. We are indeed fortunate to have the 24/7 reliability of Seattle Line Communications, and we would be pleased to talk with prospective clients about our very positive experience with the company.
David A. Behar, Publisher
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Locating, Inc.

I'm impressed with Seattle Line Communications! The savings we were told to expect came to fruition. Now, we save almost $4,000 per month! SLC really made it easy for us. They respond quickly when we need them and they always have the right answer. I highly recommend SLC—they work hard to save you money!
Susan Frisbie, Claims Assistant
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Old West Mortgage

Seattle Line Communications always has quick answers and they're constantly looking for the best value for me. I receive 5 calls a day from long-distance companies wanting my business. I wouldn't dream of switching. SLC has local, living, breathing human beings that actually come out to your offices. So, when any problem or question arises, I can call someone I know. When we were being double-billed by another service provider, SLC took control of the issue and resolved the problem, resulting in monthly savings and a refund of over $2,000. SLC means more value for me. I'm glad they are there to take care of it all with one quick call.
Howard Bono, Owner
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TR International

Seattle Line Communications has gone to great lengths to resolve and overcome issues with our system and services. They take care of any problems that arise so we never have to worry. We're glad SLC is there for us—their service is outstanding!
Brian Gorzoch, Systems Administrator
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